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What Yeast For A Brown Ale?

Well the topic title says it.

Here is the recipe based on Jeff Fuller’s Cottontail Trail Brown Ale

i’ve been playing around with the 1450 so i would try it on this one just to see how it turns out.

I used the Wyeast special strain 1768 London Bitter. It is supposedly Young’s yeast. I used to like their Winter warmer. I also split the batch with 1968 London ESB. The 1768 was nuttier and made an excellent brown ale. It won 3rd place in a big competition. The 1968 had a little bit more hop flavor and I only added about 1/2 Oz. of finish hop in 11 gallons. When I brought the two to a beer club meeting, most thought the 1768 fit the BJCP style guidelines better, but it was about 50/50 as to which one everyone liked better.

I think the 1469 would make a nice brown ale, but I have not tried the 1450.

1469 will be lovely with that grain bill. It really brings out the malt.

WY1450 is without a doubt my favorite yeast for a brown ale. I’ve brewed my brown with several different yeasts and 1450 is not just my favorite, it’s everyones favorite. Like the yeast in several styles, but brown is my fav for it.

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