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What would you do?

10 lbs Crisp MO
10 lbs Durst Munich ( ~ 10L (?))
a few lbs Muntons crystal (~ 55L)
50 lbs NA 2-row

Centennial, Willamette, NB,Magnum pellets, Challenger leaf and homegrown Cascades

5 gallon batches

Nearest HB shop is 90 miles away

12lbs 2row
.5 lbs cry 55

Magnum at 60 min to 50ibu~
Then load up the late hops with cascade and centennial even a little williamatte.
Dry hop with centennial or cascade or both.
Use a clean ale yeast


8lbs MO
1lb cry 55

Bitter with challenger or magnum to 35-45
1oz williamatte at 5 min
Use an English ale yeast.

option 2 sounds acctractive, I’ve got some Nottingham yeast.

I’m considreing replacing some of the MO with some 2-row and munich. About 2 lbs each.

That will work the 2 row won’t do much in the way of flavor but if your trying to save some MO for a different batch that would work. The Munich will add some extra maltiness.

just lookin for enzymes with the 2-row

There’s plenty of diastatic power in MO to convert itself and then some.

just wanna use up the two row and save some mo

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