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What would you do

…with this water.

PH 7.6
Sodium 18
Potassium <1
Calcium 19
Magnesium 3
Total Hardness CaCO3 60
Sulfate 4
Chloride 6
Carbonate <1
Bicarbonate 79
Total Alkalinity CaCO3 65

Seems a little high in Bicarbonate but otherwise fairly well balanced. I have been playing with Bru’n Water a little bit but just dont full understand the interactions of every thing yet.

On top for this weekend is a simple IPA 92% 2 row 8 % Crystal. Not sure on hops yet…

hi hello… this is Jonesshawn new here…

Based on my theoretical layman’s knowledge of water chemistry in the context of brewing, that grain bill might be too light for water as soft and alkaline as yours. pH may be too high unless you use at least 80L crystal or make water alterations.

My water is similarly soft, with half the alkalinity. According to Palmer’s spreadsheet[/url] [xls], which I find pretty easy and intuitive, the theoretical ideal range for my water, without alterations, is 7 - 12 SRM. For yours it’s 9 - 14. The recipe above using c-80 will come out to 9 SRM according to [url=]hopville
. Undoubtedly you could go lower without problems, I just find that to be a good gauge for myself.

It’s nice that your Sulfate:Chloride ratio is so balanced.

For a pale ale, I would cut it 50/50 with RO to get the bicarb down, then use 2:1 gypsum:calcium chloride to keep the mash pH in the right range.

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