What would YOU do with the this yeast?

Have a slurry of wlp830 German Lager that I used to brew a Chocolate Bock. I used cocoa powder on the boil which obviously transferred to the fermenter.

I harvested a good amount of yeast but wonder what you would do:

  1. use it as is (starter)
  2. briefly wash it and use a ‘more pure’ slurry
  3. buy new yeast

I have big plans for this yeast. It is only about 1.5 months old. I’m leaning towards #2

Black lager or clean it up in another bock.

you could do a larger starter then, refrigerate it to git it to separate and taste the mini beer on top. You’ll know the rest of the story then… I’d have a hard time just throwing it out, knowing its still good! Sneezles61

I like Sneezles’ suggestion. That would separate the residual chocolate from the yeast, while acting to wake the yeast up and get them ready for the next brew.

Make sure you decant the spent wort from the top of the starter before you pitch it.

Oh I see it’s the chocolate your worried about. Then maybe a Baltic porter