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What would you call this recipe?

8.5 lb muntons pale
1 lb breiss cara brown
.5 lb simpsons naked oats
6 oz muntons chocolate
mash 152
1 oz Fuggle 60 min
1oz Fuggle 15 min
1 oz EKG 2 min
wyeast Irish 1084
any thougths on adjustments ?

Just personal opinion, but I don’t care for that yeast. Usually throws diacetyl and sometimes a kinda weird pineapple ester.

Looking at your hops it could be a Bitter or ESB. You should go with a British yeast then. If you’re set on using the Irish yeast then you should alter the makeup to use grains and hops to complement the yeast.

Start with the BJCP guidlines,

Get some brewing software if you don’t already have some. I use Brewmate (free) for creating recipes, you indicate your desired style, it’ll keep track and let you know when you stray outside of the BJCP guidelines. is also free and a good place to start making your own recipes and to see what others are doing.

Finally, I’d look at our forum host Brewing Recipe section to see what others are doing as well.

Brew on!! Welcome to the forum

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