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What would be a good price for a CO2 tank?

All I need is a CO2 tank and I am ready. I was looking at 2.5lb and 5lb. What would be a good price?

I’ve seen them online for $30-35 used plus shipping for used 5# tanks. In my opinion it’s best to buy used, as opposed to the around$70 or so and up for a new one. I have a link for a used one for about $33 at home, I’ll post the link here when I’m able.

EDIT: Here’s the link: ... -Cylinder/

They quote $20 shipping to my home, so that puts it right in the ballpark of what Greg says below…

I think $50 is a fair price. I had two extra 5# tanks along with regulator and gauges that I sold for $75 each.

I don’t know where you live, so this may or may not be helpful. A friend of mine is really into growing aquatic plants, so she purchased a used, 5-lb CO2 tank and regulator for her aquarium. The tank was empty, so she took it to Toll Gas Company in Plymouth, MN to get it filled. They had a bunch of 5-lb tanks and told her they would have given her one for free with the purchase of a fill if she hadn’t brought her own tank in…

I agree with Ken, but I don’t live in MN. What I have found is that most refill places give you really good prices which don’t require shipping a heavy tank and will usually discount a fill when purchased. The tank is often just recertified too.

Craig’s list. I kept looking while I was gathering kegging stuff.

Finally saw an add selling 7 each co2 and nitro tanks (20lb) for $35 each.
Most before that find were in the 50-80 range.

All the gas prices around here are about 75 pre filled for a used one (5lb)

I am looking to find one cheaper, but where I am, it looks like that is about the cheapest price.

Ask your local CO2 place what the deposit is on their tank. When you bring it back they will just swap it out so no waiting. When it comes time to have it hydrostatic tested then it is their problem too. If you continue with draft the deposit is lost forever but there are no problems with the tank. I have both owned and dealer owned so I have gone through both options.

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