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What volume to use when calculating OG after adding sugar

I have a question regarding original gravity after adding additional sugars.

I added 1 pound of turbinado sugar at high krausen. I know after general research, that this should add about 45-46 points per gallon.

My question is which volume should I use? The volume at which I pitched the yeast or the final volume after racking off the trub?

I feel as though I would use my final volume because this is the actual amount of beer being yielded but I do not know for sure. Thank you in advance.

I’m of the opinion that we’re not submitting our gravity readings to the feds. Close enough is good enough. Maybe split the difference? Some of that sugar is going to end up in the damp trub, after all.

A pound of any sugar will contribute between 1.036 and 1.046 gravity points per gallon of liquid, or 1.007 to 1.009 per 5 gallons. So take you original gravity add the few points it added using the sugar and calculate your final gravity from there

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I had a similar thought, or even going with the final volume and then rounding down every time the numbers are funky.

Yeah that was about the math I had figured in my research, I was just hoping for the official way to decide which volume to use for the added gravity.

Just out of curiosity, why add the sugar after fermentation had started? I normally add it at the end of the boil.


I’m with Mark… at the end of the boil… Just in case something found the sugar to snack on… Damian nailed that one very well! Sneezles61

I know I could just add it to the boil and take out some guess work but I like to allow the yeast to work on the wort before I add simple sugars for it to focus on. For the most part if added to the boil, the yeast will go for the easiest food source possible.

Same thing here. Do add sugar at about ten min in the end of the boil. So the yeast has something extra to snack on.

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