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What type of faucet?

I just bought a chest freezer to turn into a keezer. I want to eventually have 6 taps, but will start out with 4. I’m looking over all the parts I need, but can’t decide on faucets. What is the differece between them. I figure stainless is the best, but is it really needed?

I have heard the the Perlick Pearl is the faucet to go with. Rear sealing faucets tend to stick. Just go with the best as most likely you will not have to replace them for quite some time.

stainless steel and forward seal: … steel.html
unless you can find any Ventmatic or Shirron versions
and get stainless shanks (as long as possible) too

Perlick 525ss is what I just got. Decent prices at Beverage Factory. … ombo_shtml

Perlickss are awesome. Work great, look good. A bit pricey but they will last.

I have the Perlick 525ss’s with the removable nozzle and have been very pleased.

I don’t have a perlick but it is what I would get now if I had the option.

Also, if you are going to have 4-6 taps, why not make one of them a stout faucet. Need some other gear for the nitrogen, but it was a fantastic investment for me. In the winter when most of my beers are British style ales and stouts it is pretty much the only faucet I use.

Perlick also makes one with a restrictor. You might get one of those also if you brew highly carbonated beers.

Having used both designs (the real vs. forward seal), it’s a no brainer that the forward sealing faucets are superior. On my standard faucet (rear seal design), the handle would stick after only a couple of days of inactivity. If you go on vacation over the weekend or longer, you will have stuck solid faucets when you get back. Plus, the funk growing inside will turn your stomach. The only reason bars and such can use these is that beer is constantly running through them. You really need to pour out of them daily.

The forward sealing faucets, for all practical purposes, will never stick. They also stay remarkably clean. The most popular are the Perl 525 SS faucets from Perlick who are pretty much the only game in town on this design since the demise of Vent-Matic in 2005 - a real shame. But the Perlicks are great and you won’t regret the decision. Don’t bother with the creamer option or the flow control option, these are unnecessary and gimmicky.

On materials, stainless is obviously the cadillac, and I certainly would opt for that on at least the faucet, but if funds are tight, going with chrome plated shanks is fine. Although, the link above from Beverage Factory is extremely reasonable for an all stainless set up.

I just replaced my 3 standard faucets with Perlicks. Added a 4th into a tower that only had one. Love the way the new Perlicks pour. The ones I took off were nasty.

My son gave me these for Christmas but between a move and the hot summer, yesterday was the first chance I had to install these.

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