What type of bottle

Howie, as you will be able to tell I’m green to beer makin,Im tryin to gather up some things that I will need,I know some will say its personal preference but are the wire bale type worth the extra $$ over buyin the 12 oz -buy caps-buy caper, another ? is 12 oz ro 16 oz or 22s. thanks in advance

Buy beer you like. As long as they are non-twist-offs, you can wash, sanatize, and refill with your beer. Free bottles.

BTW, an overnight soak in oxyclean will pull off most labels.

I bottle out of the keg now but didn’t have too good of luck with the few flip tops I had when bottling. They are notorious for leaking CO2 and you’ll need to replace the gaskets frequently. I would stick to capable bottles for a much better price.

As far as 12oz, 16oz, 22oz,… Use all 3. I bottle a few 22s and 16s so I have the option of drinking a little more with a serving.

That’s interesting, Josh. I have some Grolsh and various German swing tops (ceramic), they were my favorite bottles to use. I’ve seen some with the plastic stopper, the gasket appears to be fused to it. I believe Howe Sound bottles are that way.

I like the flip-tops and have not had problems like Loopie describes, but like regular bottles, only use ones people donate to me or that I reuse from beer purchases. It’s been years since I’ve actually felt the need to buy new, empty bottles. So I’d say no, it is not worth spending extra for them OR for regular beer bottles. But if you don’t have a source of used bottle, it is really a case of personal preference.

@mrv @rebuiltcellars maybe I had the ‘duds.’ I admit that I only used them a handful of times. They were also donated to me so who knows what they had went through.

If you have to buy bottles then you might as well get some with beer in them. That way you have beer to drink while your waiting for your latest batch of beer to ferment, clear, and bottle.

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I too have had problems with swing top bottles. I did as Loopie sez and git some with free beer in them! Sneezles61

I had a coworker that drank lots of Grolsch and saved me many flip tops. I rarely bottle but have used them and never had a leak. The old ones had ceramic tops, newer ones plastic. No problems with either. The gaskets are available at most homebrew shops.

They will not be allowed in a homebrew competition. Most are green that is not optimal to protect from being light struck. Just keep them in a dark place. Way easier than capping and more beer volume!

thanks for all the replys, hd4mark,thats what I was woundern ifn it would be a lot easer with them flippers

5 gallon stainless steel containers are the easiest fer me! Sneezles61

Amen to stainless steel.

you guys talin about kegging,if so you need a co2 and refrigerator right?Iaint done any readin on that,I figered that was out of my budget for a spell

condition yer brew in the keg, and ifn you live where its cold, throw it out the door and let it chill…Sneezles61