What to do with your grains when you are done using them?

My wife does a number of different things…I don’t get in the way. :slight_smile:
One recipe is here… http://imgur.com/a/ZqbDp#0

This weekend, she made blueberry bread with it and it was awesome!

I think they have some recipes on the hombrewtalk forum she’s used as well.

You know yur right there is no hops in the grain bed.

I was just knee jerk reacting to an earlier knee jerk reaction about concern with feeding it to a dog due to hops. Thats what I get for not pausing to think!


I’ve got friends who have a few chickens… I’ll have to remember to save some for them. Does she dry out the grains first?[/quote]

Nope. I gave her some spent grains the day after brewing, and watched her feed it to them right there. If you’re going to be a few days before giving them to someone, make sure you keep them in the fridge or something. They smell not so good after a couple days, especially in this heat.

I spread it out in the woods surrounding my house. The wildlife doesn’t seem to like it much though. It just sits there and slowly decomposes.

I have a small chicken farm, and I am looking for someone’s organic spent grains to augment my chickens’ food. Are there any organic brewers in the Twin Cities area who could help?

you can make granola and granola bars from them. very tasty.

I use it to fertilize my banana plants now. Tried putting it out near bird feeders but nothing touched it, not even the squirrels.