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What to do with T-58 yeast?

I bought a couple of T-58 dry yeast packets (Fermentis) because they were on clearance. I’ve discovered that they’re best for brewing Belgians, but I don’t like this style. Has anyone brewed with this yeast for another ale style of beer and gotten good results? Thanks for responding.

I doubt it will be possible to set up conditions to avoid the phenolics in T-58. That yeast will definitely give you the belgian or saison or wit flavor profile at normal ale temps. Do you like any of those styles? Might be able to sneak a wheat beer in with this but it will still give you those saison/wit flavors.

Around here Goose Island has released Marisol that is only available on draft. It has a ton of flavor, fairly malty golden brew that balances the malt with the yeast flavors.

I did an experiment last year as a semi-new brewer to see what flavors yeast give to beer, and I wanted to use a yeast that would bring an obvious character. I copied NB’s American Amber kit, substituting T-58 for the normal yeast. It ended up with the belgian/saison flavors, but the AA kit was more bitter than Marisol. It is sort of double-teaming between the bitterness and the spicy hops.

Good luck!

I just used it in a super saison- because the WY 3711 smack pack was a dud :? My bad to use 2lb of belgian candi sugar cause it took a 1.078 down to 1.008 with no additional warming, was 78 degrees in the wort at peak ferm, pitched at 64 degrees and held for 48 hrs. I forget which brewery this is from , no pepper taste here . This was an expermential recipe

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