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What to do with my temps?

I brewed an IBA Monday evening, and active fermentation is basicly over. I have maintained a temp of 66/68 degrees in the primary. Should I keep the primary at this temp untill i transfer to a secondary, or raise/lower it? I plan on leaving it in the primary for 8 or 9 more days.

unless your temps are widely fluctuating, i would leave it be…what yeast? most of the non belgian yeasts that i like to brew with have an optimal ferm temp of around 62F, but that needs to be controlled during fermentation, which you are probably still in…but lowering it now could make your yeast stop working, so i would leave it be depending again on the yeast strain.

Yeast is a Safale US - 05. I used two packages, suggested by my home brew shop.

I would leave it in the primary for 2 weeks. If it looks clear enough for you, go ahead and bottle. No need for a secondary.

Im going to dry hop with 2.5 oz of hops when its time. Ive never dry hopped before. its in a carboy right now so im unsure of how to get the hop bag insde with all the hops. i planned on using my spare bucket for secondary. im using whole hops, not pellets.

The temp could stay the same or even go up a degree or two and that would be great (depending on the yeast ferm. range). Just don’t let it go down…because at higher fermentation temps such as you have witnessed, the yeast leave behind some things (byproducts) that you want them to clean up and they need to stay active and not go to sleep. Also, I agree that you don’t need to do a secondary unless it is a ridiculous amount of hop matter that you plan to dry hop with - hop sacks aren’t so necessary as long as you can cold crash before packaging.

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