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What to do with hop pellets in 2ndary

Ok, I just brewed the Dead Ringer IPA kit a couple weeks ago, and transferred the batch to the secondary fermenter yesterday. I have got a one ounce of Centennial hop pellets.

Question is, should I cut up or pulverize those hop pellets so that they can circulate through the batch better? After all, when you had hop pellets while boiling the wort, that breaks them up and circulates them in the wort. It seems weird just to drop in dry hop pellets and expect them to do much.

Please advise.


Just drop them in and in a few minutes you will see them cover the entire top surface. A couple weeks later, they will fall to the bottom and you can rack off the clean beer.

Right, the pellets quickly break up just like in the boil. I then sworl the beer daily to get them to drop down to the bottom as much as possible.

Be careful when you add the pellets, I’ve had them cause foaming that gushed out of the carboy.

any more I almost thin its better to use a hop sock, its a pain to try and get the hops to settle out so you can rack off them cleanly.

[quote=“tom sawyer”]… any more I almost think it’s better to use a hop sock, it’s a pain to try and get the hops to settle out so you can rack off them cleanly.[/quote]I didn’t get as good of aroma from using a hop sack. I use a screen on the DISCHARGE end of the Autosiphon to catch any loose hop pellets which may get sucked up in the transfer.

Well then maybe its worth the effort. I had to leave my hops in for nearly two weeks to get things settled well enough to rack cleanly, and I was worried about grassy flavors. The beer came out very nice though.

I go with a nylon bag.

Me too, strainer bag on the exit hose when I rack.

I line my bottling bucket with a nylon paint strainer bag that catches most of the hop debris. At very high dry-hopping rates (in the 2oz/gallon range) I still get quite a bit of really fine stuff that passes through the mesh. I let my bottling bucket sit for a couple of hours at that point and that lets a fair amount of that fine debris to settle below the level of the spigot before I start bottling.

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