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What to Brew

I have 50lbs of 2-row and a bunch of leftovers from brews of the past. I was looking to brew something with the leftover ingredients but I tend to go from recipes and have a hard time with just a bunch of ingredients. I don’t want this stuff to go to waste. Any Ideas? I can get my hands on just about any yeast (ale). Thanks in advance for any advice. Looking to do a 10 gl. batch.

1 lb Melanoidin
1/2 Lb Breiss Crystal 40
3 lb. Munton Wheat
1.5 Carahell
1 lb Carafa Spec. I
1/2 lb rye
1/2 lb dark crystal
1/4 lb carapils
1/2 lb caraamber
1/4 lb special b
1 lb caraf II

8 oz N Brewer 9.5%
8 oz Centeniall 9.2%
1/2 oz cascade 6%
2 oz hallertau 3%
3 oz willamett 4.8%
1 oz challenger 7%

Huh, I thought for sure you guys would be all over this.

It’s just such a wide range of ingredients. It’s like saying… “I can have chicken, steak, seafood or a salad tonight. Which do you recommend?”

And there’s a lot of different roasted malts there. No way I would put all those or even most of those in one beer. Maybe plan 2 different brews with the same base malt and hop schedules, but using a different combination of crystals in each.

Edit: Changing stuff to make a 10 gallon batch…

You could do a pale ale. I made an example in Hopville for you. I assumed your hops are pellets, your efficiency is 75% so you will need to adjust those things for your system.

(I’m assuming you’re not trying to use up all those things in the same beer so just picked some of what you had.) ... days-gravy

Yesterday’s Gravy (You get, leftovers ha ha… )

Grain Bill (OG 1.049)

16 pounds 2-row pale
1/2 pound crystal 40
1 pound wheat
1/2 pound dark crystal

Hop Schedule (IBU 36.1, BU:GU 0.74)

.75oz Centennial FWH
1oz Centennial @ 60
1oz Centennial @ 5
.5OZ Cascade DH
1.5 Centennial DH


Wyeast 1056 American Ale

some kind of a Red stands out to me or an amber. i could devise a few recipes with all that. with all that centennial i might throw an IPA in there

I wasn’t planning on using all the grains in one batch. I will shoot for a pale and a red. Thanks for the input! Maybe an IPA.

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