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What to brew before brewing Denny's Bourbon Vanilla Porter?

Okay, so I’m gonna brew Denny’s Bourbon Vanilla Porter, and I’m going to use Denny’s Favorite 50 (Wyeast 1450). Rather than make a starter, I prefer to brew a lower alcohol batch and then pour the bigger beer/wort onto that cake after racking or kegging the initial beer. I realize I could make many different things. I think the guiding principle should be the fact that I have three taps. I have the dregs of a mild ale on tap right now and that’s it. So if Denny’s Bourbon Vanilla Porter is on one tap, what should be on the other two? Again, one of those would be made with Denny’s Favorite 50 at a lower alcohol content than the BVP. The third could be anything. I never met a beer I didn’t like. Thoughts?

One other question: anyone ever try the BVP on beer gas?

One of Denny’s many other fine recipes?

You should always have at least a pale on tap IMO

I’ve done Irish Reds with that yeast (before reusing the yeast on a porter). Worked very well.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve never made an Irish red before and decided to do that as my starter to pitch the porter onto later. I went with NB’s Irish Draught - no reviews on it - but ingredients made it look like a bitter - which I like.
Last call for anyone that’s tried Denny’s BVP on beer gas?

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