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What to Brew - a new iOS app

Hi everybody-

I released an app for iPhone/iPod/iPad called What To Brew. It’s an app for homebrewers to help you decide What To Brew. It can suggest styles in season to drink or brew, and has the BJCP style included. Once you choose what you want, it can take you to recipes or kits.

Thought there might be some people here who would be interested!

You can check it out here-


(If this is spam, let me know - I couldn’t find anything. Also, let me know if I’m allowed to give away some free copies, I’d be happy to!

That’s pretty cool. I have to admit that when I saw the name, I was hoping it was an app that could take your ingredients and compare it to recipes and give you different possibilities. I don’t know if there’s a big enough demand for it (and it’s probably more complicated) but I end up finding myself wanting to make beer and not wanting to have to go to the store…

Good luck with it!

Thanks! That’s not a bad idea, I’ve seen it with what to make from your liquor cabinet (I invariably get whiskey on the rocks… as that’s about all I have.

Hopefully somebody will make that app… or if no one does, maybe I will.

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