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What to brew? 1469 yeast

I have a 1469 West Yorshire Ale starter going that I plan to use this weekend. I have a batch of “The Innkeeper” on hand that is about 1/3 gone. I could just brew another batch of that for a decent summer beer. But, just wondering if anyone had brewed anything else with it successfully. Kind of thinking about an english brown ale maybe - anyone try this? Other ideas?

I brewed a simple pale for my jalepeno pale using it and I plan to make a mild ale with it this weekend, followed by another Innkeeper in a couple of weeks.

NB’s mild brit ale here:

FWIW, it is excellent and a great session beer.


You’ve probably looked this up already but it never hurts to double check. Here’s what their website says: ... cfm?ID=189

I have some laying around and I want to try it out for my ESB. Oatmeal Stout sounds like it could be interesting and in the latest Brewing TV episode they used it for a IIPA and said that it turned out good.

I used that yeast for a year and brewed several British styles with it. It attenuates well, isn’t overly fruity and drops in decent time. I really like that yeast. I am trying WLP002 Fullers right now and while it drops like a rock I can’t get used to the fruity character it leaves. I’m going back to West Yorkshire as my go-to yeast for ESBs.

I’ve done browns and a porter with it and liked it a lot. I’m planning on using it in a mild soon, but there’s a few other beers in the queue.

Hmmmm… I like the idea of something in the neighborhood of that NB mild recipe/ just a touch of brown malt/maybe a tiny bit of choc. malt. I think I might aim in that direction. Thanks for the ideas. Maybe I will brew the mild with it this weekend, and then capture the yeast to brew more of a brown in the second generation, maybe a porter too. That would give a nice range of 4 beers from the same yeast and an interesting comparison.
I like the Innkeeper, but I don’t think it is to my liking as much as it is to many others. I LOVE alt type beers, and think I might try it in something that is a bit similar to that.

So you want a more bitter Bitter? I’ve done a range of IBUs in bitters, jsut for a change of pace. Its all good stuff. The mild sounds very nice, I’d make it at least 1.040.

I will definitely step the mild up a bit. I can’t even hardly stand beer much under 1.045 anymore - just gets too thin for my taste.

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