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What to add to an English Mild

I will be making a small BIAB English Mild as a starter tomorrow night. I want to have a little fun with it. Does anyone have a suggestion on something I could add to the pot or fermenter? Raspberries? Toffee? Treacle? Rocky Mountain Oysters??



Smoke malt


I’ve got a keg of Northern Brewer’s Black Magic Mild on tap. It’s really good. I didn’t dry hop it because I was feeling lazy. Even so, the malt flavor in it is really nice.

Smoke malt
I like the smoke idea, something really subtle could be nice in a Mild. I like the small about of smoke in Sierra Nevada Tumbler and it seems like it may work well in a mild.

I had Epic Smoked and Oaked beer on nitro last week and fell in love. But it’s a 11% Belgian Golden Strong, so a bit stronger than my liking.

So my next beer is going to be a Mild using Weyermann’s Oak Smoked malt at a subtle level. Similar to NB’s kit.

I always put flaked oats in mine.

I like my mild’s a little dark. Special B adds a nice touch to a English mild.

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