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What to add. Have LME, specialty grain, yeast

So I have 6 lbs pilsner lme and a bag of maillard Canterbury specialty grain (the primary ingredients of the la Petite Oránge extract kit) I am about to bottle a batch of la Petite orange and I’d like to brew something up that I can put on top of the yeast cake left in the bucket. It is Safbrew BE-256. My question is what should I pick up at my LHBS to go with the ingredients I have. I don’t want to just make another la Petite Oránge. I’d like to try some late addition hops for something more hop forward maybe a dry hop. Hoppy Belgian always intrigued me as it combines my 2 primary beer preferences. I definitely lean toward drier and lighter styles than dubbels but I’m just a noob looking to experiment with some extra ingredients.

Use a basemalt. Like. 2row. And your left over specialty grains. What kind of hops you have left. Do like. 60. 30 20. Flame out. Hops. Or even dry hop. You might even use. .30 min into the. Brew. Coriander. For flav. Or even. In your fermentor. Oaks soaked in. Jack danniels. My self been experimenting. With lemon gras coriander. All spice. Ginger. Hot peppers. They way i do make different. Kinds of. Water flav cups with spices. Let my wife taste. If she like the flav if so i brew a beer with the flavour. You might want to use a brew software. Like brewers friend. To see how you end up with. Fg og. Ibu abv. Its fun to create your own beer recipy

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Thanks for the reply. I don’t have any hops left. I mainly just want to know which hops I should go buy and what a good hopping schedule would be.
Are you saying I should do a partial mash with some 2 row in addition to the malt extract syrup I’m using? That’s new territory for me…

I do like cascade hops or magnum. Been using hallertau. Lots. For wit bier. Ipa beers. Cetenial or cascade

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