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What thread is the 'in' side of micromatic regulator?

It looks like 1/4" NPT, but no dice. I wanting to run two regulaotrs in sequence so that I can go higher pressure on one than the other. So I need a way to thread in a barb for gas line rather than this hook to the tank. Anoyone know what size it is and where I can get a barb to male treaded fitting?

More details if it helps:
I have my tank in the closet next to the fridge with regulator 1 hooked to the tank. A gas line runs into the frige where I want to put the 2nd regulator. I’ll split the gas line from regulator 1 and run one at higher pressure (up to 30 PSI for force carbing) to one or more kegs, then run the other end of the T to the second micromatic regulator to lower the pressure to 5-15 PSI to other kegs for serving at lower pressure.

Is it a left hand thread?

Ah, yes. It is left hand thread. (Lucky I did not strip anything getting it off.) That’ll make it easier to find. But they don’t have it at NB. I’ll take a trip to my local welding supply store when I get a chance to see if by chance they have LHT to NPT fittings. Any other thoughts?

The only place I’ve seen LH to RH MPT adapters:
item 55496-4 ... ttings.htm

I don’t know about LHMPT to barb, this probably doesn’t exist at any normal hardware carrier. The easiest way to do this is to use the adapter above, then connect a regular FPT to barb fitting.

Keep in mind that you need to set the highest pressure you want to use in the system on regulator #1 at the tank. The other regulator is fed by this output pressure and cannot be any higher. This shouldn’t be a problem if you are aware of it. If you connect both regulators together at the tank, either one can be higher.

Regulators are typically sold as ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’, the difference being the secondary is supplied with a barb inlet. I’ve had issues connecting a secondary directly to the gas supply, at least with my brand the internal diaphragm could not regulate tank pressure (it worked fine when connecting it to the ‘out’ from a primary regulator). I’ve connected ‘primary’ regulators with a barb inlet and it doesn’t seem to have any problems regulating the lower inlet pressure.

Email micromatic. I just ordered a new double regulator and some various plumbing pieces, had some questions on compatability. They got back to me the same day. Good customer service in my opinion.


coupler to daisy chain regulators;
[attachment=1]cou1.jpeg[/attachment] ... &view=grid

[attachment=0]reg1.jpeg[/attachment] ... &view=grid

If not running a specific style of beer that needs higher pressure/lower pressure or soda at 25+ PSI I would set all kegs to be drafted in general at 10-15 PSI depending on your exact temp and use the set it and forget it method and requires only one regulator but multiple line/s. It takes 1-2 weeks to carb up kegs but the beauty is you never overcarb kegs or need to monkey around so much and/or spend another $50-150 just for this “force carbing” setup your imagining. If you have cash to blow well, my thoughts are probably wasted here anyway.

Thanks all for your great suggestions. I was just about to contact micromatic and got an idea while purusing the NB website for the various connections contemplating my options. I boutght this at the NB retial store and ground down the nut side and cut threads with a 1/4 NPT die.

I suppose I did not make clear that I wanted to adjust the pressure from inside the fridge, but have the gas bottle in an adjacent closet. That is why chaining two regulators together at the tank wasn’t what I wanted. But thanks for the information. It makes sense that most people do it that way.

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