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What Temperature should be used for Yeast Starter?

When creating a yeast starter using a stir plate, what temperatures should be used? I have been using temperatures ideal for the particular yeast I am starting. Another words, if a particular yeast has ideal fermentation temperatures of 64-72 degrees, I will keep the yeast starter within this range. Is this correct?

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Others may chime in with a more scientific answer, but because you are simply trying to grow/propagate yeast and not make good beer, it isn’t nearly as critical as the batch inoculation. I have grown lager starters at ambient (+/-70*) temps and had really clean results. Time can also be a factor depending on when you need your pitch of yeast to be ready(higher temp = faster growth). What you are doing is fine though.

So long as you’re decanting off the fermented wort (by putting your starter in the fridge for a day after it’s done and then pouring off the liquid on top), then just do it at room temp. Even for a lager, it works fine.

… unless it’s summer and your room is 90F. Then try putting it in your basement. 90F is pushing it and will stress the yeast too much. So, generally between 60 and 80 is fine.

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