What temp for secondary with 1007 german ale yeast?

I am transferring my IPA made with 1007 german ale yeast today, to secondary.

it’s been in primary for a month, at mid 50’s temp.

OG 1.063 FG 1.014

clearing very slowly.

My question is:

do I secondary it back at the mid 50’s temp, or move to mid 60’s?


I’ve never made an IPA with this yeast, but had some left from Cali common and Alt.


After a month you won’t be expecting any more active fermentation, so I would probably treat it like an Alt and cold condition it (in the 40s if you can get there) for 3 weeks or so.

This yeast is fantastic. Definitely give it it’s due time, because it will give you great beer. I would use it for damn near any ale I want to make. Really cool flavors.

thanks for tips!

I will put it right back down to basement for another 3 weeks before I dry hop.

and, may as well save the slurry, I’ve made 3 beers with it so far…

think I can use this 1007 for a robust porter?