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What Style to Brew Now and Enjoy in April?

Jan-Mar of 2017 I’ll be abstaining from alcohol due to a medication. What should I brew now to enjoy in April? In other words, what are some styles that really benefit from 6mo of aging and woul be appropriate for Spring? I typically brew 5gal, all-grain ales.

What about a kriek lambic beer . Man this sucks no alchol for a few months.

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Doppelbock is traditionally consumed before Easter during February-April and is a lager that will benefit from aging.

Could also consider a Baltic porter. Or how about a mead! Fresh local honey is in season right now.


Dark beers usually age well. What styles do you like though? That’s the real question. Wilco is right-sours usually have to be aged around 6 months at least.I’ve kept many styles of beer over longer (6 months +) periods of time with no problem. Just keep them cold once they’re finished, Things like hop bombs, and flavors such as vanilla can fade over time though.

Personally, I’d just brew what I normally would brew and once it’s finished and conditioned (I’m assuming you bottle), then just keep it cold.



Biere de Mars would be kind of traditional. A saison or hoppy pale ale with brett would be done in that time frame, and might be perfect for springtime.



Plenty of time to have a lager sit around and get mellow, so I would do a Marzen, Bock, or Dopplebock.

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