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What should I make next?

I bought enough ingredients to do two versions of the same beer, a Manny’s Pale Ale clone. I originally thought I’d do the first batch by the book, then the second batch substitute Citra instead of Cascade as well as change the yeast from Thames Valley to dry yeast (05).

What I’m wondering is this:

Although I really like IPA/Pale Ale, is there something else I could brew with the ingredients I have on hand that would be totally different than the Pale Ale I just brewed?

I have this:

Dry 05 (2 pkets)

10 pnds Pilsen LME
1 pnd Carapils
1 pnd 20L Crystal

and these hops to pick from, all pelletized
5 oz Summit
2 oz Citra
1 oz Cascade
1 oz Centennial
2 oz Magnum
1 oz Tettnang
2 oz Chinook
1 oz Whole Leaf Cascade (homegrown dried)

I also have 2 pnds of local strawberry honey I’d love to throw in something as well :mrgreen:

I guess I should just do what I planned on but for my second batch I figured if someone else had a kickass recipe that would work from what I have already, I’d try it.


pale is pretty much what i see.

Thanks. That’s what I figured heh…

As a new brewer I don’t really know how the hops will go together. I’ve seen talk that Summit and Citra don’t mesh well unless done a certain way so maybe I’ll bitter with Magnum, late addition Centennial and dry hop with Citra or a combination of Citra and Cascade.

I’m not too keen on a lot of malty sweetness in beers. I prefer bitter and clean. Does that mean I shouldn’t use more LME in any recipe I try? Meaning this last batch I used 8 pnds of the Pilsen LME. Will my next beer be sweeter and maltier if I used more LME this time? Will getting more aggressive with hop additions combat sweetness in beer or is it the yeast that does this?

Yeah it will be maltier and probably unbalanced if you just add more extract.
Adding more hops is how you get the balance back.
But you also need to know how much bitterness you’re adding or youll go too far.
You should check out some of the beer recipe programs out there.
I use beersmith 2, you might be able to get a trial version of it.
There are other free ones online out there.

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