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What’s Brewin’?

Wlp029? I love this yeast. I been playing around with it brewed what i call Japanese Kolsch and a Mexican Kolsch and both of them turned out amazing.

I’m using wyeast 2565 as I want some slight yeast haze/character. It’s getting to that time of year for easy drinkers!


Anyone use these bottles? These I bottled from the keg. I could see maybe a little tricky with the head space when bottle conditioning

I answered in the other thread. I like those bottles and a case of them fits under some storage I have where other bottles won’t.

The Torulaspora delbrueckii I pitched took a while to get going but now my fermenting chamber has an incredible odor of a donut shop… very sweet and doughy smelling.

So I brewed 10 gallons of this recipe and looking to make 1 keg different than the other. Not sure exactly what I want or what I could do but any thoughts or suggestions are welcome…

Recipe by Other Half Brewing
This homebrew version of our ALL TOGETHER recipe is
designed for 5 gallons. You know your system best, adjust for
your own efficiency.
London Ale (NEIPA) or Chico (WCIPA)
OG 16 P or 1.064 SG
FG 3.2 P or 1.013 SG
Mash Temp . 154 F
In Brooklyn we have a very soft, neutral water profile. For NEIPA we recommend calcium
chloride additions and we aim to stay under 300ppm chloride. For WCIPA we recommend
calcium sulfate and we aim to stay around 150ppm or less. You know your water best so adjust
Grain Bill:
2-row: 10.5 lbs
Flaked Oats: 1.5 lbs
Briess Carapils: .5 lbs
Hop Schedule:
Columbus (or bittering hop of your choice) to 10 ibu @ 60 Min (NEIPA)
or to 50 ibu @ 60 min (WCIPA)
Mosaic 2 oz @ Whirlpool
Cascade 1 oz @ Whirlpool
Simcoe 2 oz @ Dry Hop
Citra 2 oz @ Dry Hop
Mosaic 4 oz @ Dry Hop
Cascade 2 oz @ Dry Hop

Milkshake IPA? All you would need is some vanilla and fruit.

I was thinking vanilla as I have a bunch of beans to use. Can I add fruit or puree to the keg?

You can if you bag it to control bigger pieces.

Doing a rye with a half oz Columbus at 60 and FO additions of 1 oz of Falconers Flight and Mosaic. Rye and CC20 at 10% each. 2 row and marris at about 50% and 30% respectively. Mashed at 156. Been a pretty easy drinker in the past.

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Brewing 10 gals of pilsner today. I’ll use the wlp830 yeast cake from the 5 gals mexican pilsner I brewed 12 days ago and split it to the two fermenters for this.

My usual Pils grain bill, BestMalz pilsen malt, enough acidulated malt to get me in the 5.4-5.6 mash pH and a couple ounces of carapils for head.

I was going to try and live stream it on my FB page but I’ve never done that and probably should practice first or get a camera person. Too distracting and we know I’m too easily distracted as it is.

Edit: OK I’m going to give this live thing a try. So if you’re really bored and want to check it out…


I enjoyed the videos of your brew day. Thank you for posting them.

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Cool videos! Really like your brew lab table! :wink:
That’s a cool little setup you have!

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Fancy huh?

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It’s all relative. I’ve had great beer from a simple system and bad beer from a complex system. Although not overly complicated I know you’re making great beer!

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Knowing just enough to brew a brew you and others enjoy comes from your heart and soul… Equipment is just a tool… No more… No less.


Do like the videos you did

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Tomorrow we’re going to keg a Saison Buffoon that we brewed on the 7th. Gravity is 1.002 from 1.065. We’ll follow up Wednesday with another Buffoon to put on the yeast cake from this one. Gotta keep the wife happy! :sunglasses:


Have you thought about culling the yeast cake down to something like a teaspoon? Even a quarter teaspoon is enough yeast to kick start the next batch and you most likely will get more complexity to the yeast created flavors.

I definitely wanted to harvest some. Hadn’t considered how much to leave behind though. Thanks!

I’ve been practicing a less is more policy with harvested yeast lately and have not noticed any lag or deficiencies in the yeast. I think I’m getting a better taste but without a side by side it’s hard to tell.

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