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What’s Brewin’?

Hope your feeling better. I need to get brewing. Been busy but still getting some in the fermenter. Just not as much as I like. Been working on a session IPA.

Feeling better and better. Putting of brewing until tomorrow or Friday. Did get the gutters cleaned today. :rofl:

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I’m a looser… no homebrew…
BUT… soon my goons… soon!

So I finally brewed today. A light pale with Galaxy, Hydra, and Gemini. 5%-er. :sunglasses:

Edit: Boiled in a bag and used my plate chiller. Worked great!

Edit: Today kicked my a$$. Pretty amazing the stress being sick/recovering puts on one’s body even if you feel good. Slept for 3 hours when I finished. LOL Take care of yourselves!


Happy to hear you are feeling better. What type of plate heat exchanger did you get? I have seen some as low as 50 and blichman as high as $270.

Thanks! Duda Energies. Right now all the pieces (pump, chiller, etc.) are all over the place. I’m looking forward to getting things static and valved.

Going to brew a Hefenweisen today. I’ll do a P rest and decoction mash


Fun brew day. It was hot outside but I do my mash indoors with electric hot water so only had to do the boil out in front of the garage. Opened the door half way and set a fan to blow out. It is a hefe so only 1 addition. So set the boil and went back in. I did have trouble with my timer though but again only one addition early so no problem there either

Oh I hope it turns out like beer… Maybe put in a good word to Gambrinus tonight before you turn in…. (:slightly_smiling_face:

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