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What recipe kit is your favorite?

I have been wondering, what is everyone’s favorite extract or partial mash recipe is to make? I have only made a couple so i can’t really say yet.

So far Black IPA for me. Brew that one and it will be a favorite :slight_smile:

I haven’t done kits in years but back when I did my #1 was Kolsch followed by English Pale Ale

Mine was the Barvarian Hefe, and add the raspberry for the wife. Everybody enjoys the raspberry, but I have not been able to duplicate the same beer doing all grain. May have to order the kit again!!!

I too am off the kit recipes for the most part but when I was buying them from NB I remember really liking their Kolsh, EBS and double IPA. Those were all extract brews and the double IPA was the only good high gravity extract kit I made. But then again we were probably pitching inadequate yeast, performing poor sanitation and fermenting at high temperatures all the time

I’m done with kits because of the low yeald. I don’t want to dedicate 1/2 a day to brewing a beer to be a full gallon short. I do six gallon batches these days.

But my favorite kit is either NB’s Oktoberfest or NB Denny’s Waldo Lake Amber.

My favorite NB kit was probably the patersbier (all grain) or tonguesplitter (extract).

My favorite from NB is the Innkeeper. Seems to be my buddies’ favorite too, since I can’t keep it around.


Cali Common or SWIPA.

Can’t go wrong with #8

NB’s Lefse Blond

I like the Innkeeper. Had my first last night, and it’s only been in the bottle for 10 days, so it should only get better.

Caribou Slobber, Cream Ale, and Raspberry Wheat in that order are the recipes I’ve repeated the most in one year of brewing my own.

The saison kit both extract and then later on AG is my favorite. I dont do kits much except for this one. I think its perfect, and the higher temp tolerance of the yeast was great for me in warmer times of the year before I was controlling temps.

Believe me, it will. Just don’t let your buddies try it. Otherwise you can kiss it goodbye.

Definitely the Innkeeper. Bottled 2 weeks ago, already down a case. Perfect session beer, especially with the 1469 yeast. Glad they made it a year round offering

Deep Woods Stout and Mad Mountain Biker Ale. Both extract/partial grain kits from Wind River Brewing. Also NB’s 3-Hearted Ale (Dead Ringer) extract kit.
Just got into all grain.


Patersbier for sure here, and I’ve done probably 10-12 of NB’s extract kits. That patersbier is something truly unique and an awesome session ale. After that, the Surly Bitter Brewer Pro Series kit didn’t last long in the keg either.

The Bitter Brewer pro-kit, love having a tasty session beer around and that one always hits the spot.

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