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What kit to make a SA lat-48

I am not a hophead but I found the Sam Adams Lat-48 to be really good. I am trying to find out which NB kit would make a beer that taste like this. I was thinking maybe a AK-47 pale mild, or maybe adding a oz or 2 of magnum or chinook to a Phat tier amber ale.
Thanks in advance.

Thats a hard one because Lat-48 used many different hops in the six packs and the 12packs had 2 of each single hop used in the blend and then 2 of the blended product.

Hops used:

  1. East Kent goldings
  2. Fuggle…edit* Oppps I cant believe I forgot they used one of my fav hops. (this should be Hallertau Mittlefrueh)
  3. Simcoe
  4. Zeus(commomnly called CTZ, Columbus or Tomahawak or Zeus they are all the same)
  5. Ahtanum
    So you got some earthy from 1&2 some creamy pear, citrus and pine with simcoe and Pine and bitterness with CTZ and some Nice dank citrus contributions from #5

And to get their malt profile I always taste some honey malt in the finish. /edit* Well I never looked to their website before and didn’t think they would list it anyway if they did use it, but I was shocked to see they listed honey malt right in the descriptions online./(which is what I dont like about many of the beers overall, but due to this blend of 5 hops and single hopped collection I thought it was well thought out and enjoyed the 48.)

Just a quick scan without spending mad time, I am voting for the shining star kit. which has columbus(pine/bitterness), centennial(Grapefruit) and palisade(some earth) looks like an excellent combo.

I am not trying to make an exact clone per say (I don’t know enough yet to even try and make “my own” recipe), I am just after something that has a good body with the same amount of bitterness. I am curious if there is a kit already made that is close or if a kit could be changed fairly easily to make it come out fairly close. I am new to the brewing world and just trying to get something that is “In the ball park” at the moment. Truthfully I have a hard time telling what “flavors” are what but I can tell good beer when I taste it.

As stated the shining star that utilizes those three hops mentioned will be an awful close second as it sits. If you can put your hands on a ounce of simcoe it would be wise to dry hop with that one and you will come off within the same ballpark for sure.

Yeah, the Shining Star is going to be pretty darn close. You could add another pound of DME and an extra ounce or two of hops to probably get even closer.

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