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What kind of hops?

I’m planing on planting some hops next spring. I only have room for two varieties. If you could have only 2 kinds, what would they be, and why? I am leaning towards Cascade and Centennial, because I love the citrus flavor of them.

Probably Simcoe and Amarillo because I really like them. Actually, I only grow what I like and that will grow well at my location. Essentially Cascade and Chinook will give a few pounds each so that type of return is about what I feel is fair when you take into account the amount of time involved with tending to them. I’ve tried a BUNCH of other varieties over the years but most only return a few ounces per plant and just don’t have the time any more.

Cascade and Centennial sound like good options, I know a lot of people have sucess with those varities.

I would love to try Simcoe and Amarillo, however they are unavailable to homebrewers.

Simcoe is still under patent by Select Botanicals Group, LLC. Which unfortunatly means you would need to get approval from Select Botanicals Group, LLC directly. Or you can wait until the patent expires in 2020.

In New York, I’ve definitely observed Cascade and Chinook doing well at various friends houses. They seem to be “go to” hops in this climate.

Take a look at your brew notes over the past couple years and see what you’ve used the most of for flavor and aroma additions, and if they are available plant those.

my first year chinook plant did great this year. on the other hand my goldings did not do well.

i hear cascades grow like crazy. if i were you i would do a cascade and a chinook. but thats only based on my personal tastes

chinook can give a piney aroma and flavor

Cascades will grow out of control, so unless you love Cascade, don’t bother. i’d go with Chinook. They have both excellent bittering and flavor properties.

Out of 8 varieties that I’ve grown, the Zeus has been my best producer. Centennial is pretty good, and Cascade has finally produced well after 3 years. I’d go for Zeus and Cascade.

I’d say Centennial/Cascade and CTZ/Chinook. Too much overlap between Cascade and Centennial to plant both as your only two varietals IMHO.

Thanks guys!! I appreciate all of your input, I will let you all know what i plant in the spring. :cheers:

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