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What kind of dental floss to use for keg hopping?

What kind of dental floss would one use for dry hopping in the keg. All I see is flavored and unflavored but I know you use the unflavored but it waxed is it safe to use waxed or would that cause an issue with the beer?

Floss without out wax would be best but the amount of wax on the part of the floss in the beer would be to insignificant to cause a problem if it dissolved. Never tried it but the wax may need some heat to come off the floss.

My first choice would be mono filament fishing line since I have a lot of it.


I’ve used floss every time I dry hop in my kegs. I use unflavored with wax, and have had no problem up to this point. Just as long as you sanitize the floss before you use it. @flars also has a good idea, I don’t have fishing line so that’s why the floss.

I just let it float on top really no benefit sinking anyway

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