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What kind of beer am I planning on making?

I found this “recipe” jotted down and so I decided to go ahead and order the ingredients. But what kind of beer am I now making? :slight_smile:

1 lb crushed grain Briess caramel 120L
6 lb Maris Otter malt syrup
3 lb Briess Golden DME
Yeast: Wyeast “Belgian Ardennes”
Hops: 3 oz French Strisselspalt

And any suggestions for additions, subtractions, etc? This will be my first non-kit extract brew.

I’m not really sure what that would be. Maybe a Belgian Dubbel with British malt and french hops? Not familiar with those hops or that yeast so not too sure.

Looks like a Belgian strong dark ale. Do yourself a huge favor and replace 1 lb golden syrup for 1 lb cane sugar to help thin it out. Otherwise final gravity will probably be extremely high. Ferment at 65-68 F for about a week or until things slow down, then bring up to about 75 F for a couple more weeks to finish up and condition. Do NOT rack to secondary, keep in primary the whole time. Might taste very alcoholic for a few months but will mellow after 6-12 months if you can wait that long. Good luck!

yeah i’d say dubbel or BDSA. dial back the caramel by 75% or so and you have the makings of a biere de garde.

Awesome, thanks guys, I will follow this advice!

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