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What is this on the bottom of my brew pot?

I don’t know if this stuff is rust or hard water stain’s but here a link to the pic sorry about the lighting but I did the best I could

Think its oxynation it gives marks when there is to much iron in the water .or just stains to remove get a acid cleaner like simple green or industrial vinagear this works soak after clean with starsan

Just some mineral deposits like @wilcolandzaat has said. Harmless. These deposits can be lessened by storing your kettle upside down at an angle to dry thoroughly before storing. A wet paste of Barkeepers Friend will remove the deposits. Use a pad of paper towels for wiping to avoid scratching the oxide layer on your kettle.

Assuming that those are not pits in the metal, it probably is deposits from your water. However there is a caution: be sure not to use bleach on your stainless pots. The chloride in bleach can corrode and pit stainless steel if the chloride concentration is high enough. A quick wipe and rinse with bleach is OK, but not a long soak.

It should not be pitting because this brew pot I only had for like 2 mouths an i haven’t brew in it. Just boil some water which is from my well i think it’s calcium deposits like some of you have said

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