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What is this? Is it lost?

This has happened to two of may stouts! What is it?

Krauzen chunks? I’m not sure what you’re asking about, but I don’t see anything alarming.

Cholula and branch chained amino acids.

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I’d say you have a bit of a pellicle growing in there. Either a wild yeast or bacteria. How many IBU? What’s the ABV of that beer?

Ibu 65 about 6.5

Take the cap off and smell it. You will know if it’s lost. If it smells OK let it finish and taste it. Then you will know if it’s drinkable. At this point there is nothing to lose by waiting for it to be fermented out and giving it a try. Doesn’t look bad to me either though.

If it is infected, it is time to review your cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

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If it is Pork chop, what would you make of this now? Curious of a save… Sneezles61

It’s hard to say for certain, but it does look kind of pellicle-y to me. With that many ibu, there’s no way it’s lactic acid bacteria, so there’s no worry about souring. If it is infected, probably a wild yeast like pichia or something. Could be fine, or it could develop solventy flavors.

OP, if the white layer persists or gets thicker, I’d give it some extra time in primary. The biggest risk is slow over-attenuation, which will result in overcarbonation in the bottle or worse, bottle bombs. If you do bottle, keep them chilled after they have acceptable carbonation, and drink them fast. Wild yeast can take awhile before they cause a flavor change, so it’s not that big of a deal if it smells and tastes ok. Who knows, it may even improve the beer, depending on what’s in there. If it even is infected.

Looks pellicle-y to me too. Very similar to an acetobacter infection I had once. Does it smell like vinegar?

Zooming in… those chunks dont look like typical krausen :frowning:

There is no bad smells

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Let it ride…take SG…taste it…

Any updates on this?

Looks like Lacto to me. Could be something else but it looks funky. How does it taste?

It was ok but as it day in the bottles longer it started to taste like drit… so it got dumped

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