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What is the earliest you ever started a brew?

I started brewing an apricot wheat this morning @ 8:30 am to beat the heat. I thought it would be an interesting thead to see how early peole get up and start brewin’.


Glad you started the bar low. Best Ive got is mashed in with a stable temp by 8 am MST I know we will get beat by some of the real early risers…

3AM. The neighbors love me. :wink: .
But, to be fair I usually get up around that time for work anyways.


[quote=“Baratone Brewer”]3AM. The neighbors love me. :wink: .
But, to be fair I usually get up around that time for work anyways.[/quote]

3am, lol. Got kids? Mine can smell me brewing from a mile away.

5 am is pretty normal. I get up at that time every day, so I’m usually up that early on the weekend too. It feels nice to sip coffee in the dark watching the glow from the propane burner while everyone is sleeping. :lol:

Starting the mash before 8 AM. It helps to set everything up the night before including the water.


I’ve started heating water around 7:00 a few times. That’s usually when it’s a double brew day.

Stable mash temp at 6:40am.

Once I started at like 3:30, but that was just a fluke. Yesterday I started at about 4:30 which is pretty typical. Since I get up for work this early I too usally wake up at this time on weekends. I like brewing in the morning to both beat the heat and I still have most of the day when I am done. Yesterday I had the yeast pitched by 9:30.

About 4:30PM :slight_smile:

I typically only brew on weeknights after work. I do have a few days off coming up where I may get to mash in before noon…

I usually start around 8am so I’m done by 1-2pm.


any other late night brewers out there?
I pitched my yeast at 11 pm last night
So much easier when my daughters in bed

[quote=“bluenotebrewery”]any other late night brewers out there?
I pitched my yeast at 11 pm last night
So much easier when my daughters in bed[/quote]

Same here. For my extract brews I start to boil before I put my son in the tub. This way it should be up and running shortly after I put him to bed.

I have ran many overnight double 11gal batches. But, its typically 3AM for most of my brewing in the summer.

this being only our second brew wich I wanted to start yesterday but being in a heat wave we dad woke up at 6am smacked the yeast woke me up at 8am and said time to brew and three hrs later have the nut brown ale fermenting.

I’m not sure the “earliest” I ever started…but I brewed a 5 gallon extract this morning of a 3-Floyds Gumball Head clone and was finished (cleanup included) by 9 am…I’m an early bird naturally and I love to brew early while the world is still asleep and quiet! I’ll post the recipe I brewed this morning…I think its gonna be delish!

Not sure who to give recipe credit to…found it while surfing the internet…

“Amarillo Face”

3.0 lbs Wheat dry malt extract (Bavarian wheat)
1.0 lbs Light dry malt extract (Pilsen light)
1.0 lbs Rice syrup solids
.75 lbs Wheat malt crushed
.75 lbs Flaked wheat
.50 oz Amarillo hops, added at the beginning of the 60 min boil
.50 oz Amarillo hops, added at 30 min into the boil
.50 oz Amarillo hops, added at 45 min into boil
.50 oz Amarillo hops, added at 55 min into boil
1.0 oz Amarillo hops, added as a dry hop

  1. Place crushed grains in bag and add to 2-3 gallons of 150F water. Allow grain to steep for 30 mins.
  2. Remove grain bag, rinse with hot water and gently squeeze liquid from bag into “grain tea”.
  3. Add malt extract to “grain tea” while being sure to completely dissolve extract to avoid scorching.
  4. Add Amarillo hops and begin 60 min boil.
  5. Continue to add hops to above schedule.
  6. Chill wort asap with immersion chiller, pour cooled wort into 6.5 Carboy with enough chilled bottled water to equal 5 gallons. Aerate well by shaking Carboy.
  7. Pitch yeast.
  8. Transfer from primary to 5 Carboy and add remaining pellets for dry hopping.

I have finished brewing at 3 am!

Late night brewer here. 7 yr. old son who’s with me on the weekends and weekdays I don’t get home from work till about 8-830 after the drive.

There has been many a night when I’ve STARTED my brew at 930 not done cleaning an all that till 1 am.

6am is not unheard of for me. Usually it’s before 8.

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