What is the difference in these hops?

I am looking at the Peace Coffee 2nd Crack Stout and I noticed it has both a 1oz US Fuggle and 1 oz of UK Fuggle hops. What is the difference? Can I use just the US and not the UK?

Thank you!

The flavor and aroma is a bit different between the two, (the UK version is supposed to have subtle tobacco and floral characters) but they are both used for bittering in this recipe, so I’m not too sure what the real difference would be as long as you used the right amount for the bittering desired. I just did this basic recipe myself a week ago with ingredients I had on hand. I only had US Fuggles, so I guess I’ll find out soon.

A lot of people think that Willamette is a better choice than U.S. fuggles.

I always thought Williamette WAS US fuggles.

I use williamette, fuggles and styrian goldens pretty much interchangeably.