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What is the best pale ale recipe?

Hey guys I was hoping for some input from you master brewers on this question. I am trying to put together a recipe for an American Pale Ale that will be a regular in my rotation. I have had several different ones from different places, but cannot figure what it is that I like about them so much.
What I am looking for is a med gravity beer that is soft and smooth and the malt and hops are balanced to perfection. The type of pale that seems to melt in your mouth, and you can drink a lot of it.
I know it is somewhere between a Bass Ale and a SN Pale Ale. Any help would be appreciated.

I know this will take a few batches to perfect, but I am willing to put the work in.


I do a version of the dead ringer that is my “go to” pale ale. I change the hops up a bit -

first wort - 1oz centennial
60 1oz. centennial
30 1oz. cascade
0 1 oz. cascade and 1oz. citra
dry hop 2 oz. citra

I also use .5 lbs of flaked oats and .5 lbs of wheat, in addition to the regular grain bill.

This is probably hoppier than what you are looking for, but the dead ringer grain bill with the oats and wheat makes for a really smooth beer that might fit the bill for the feel you are looking for. you could go with 1 centennial addition and drop the 30 min. cascade to cut back on the hops a bit.

I like the soft/smooth feel to beers and find that the oats/wheat really help with that.

Try our hosts “The Innkeeper.” There’s no reason to recreat the wheel if your looking for an awesome pale ale. And if you want, you could always tweak it, as it’s a great starting place.

Disclaimer: it’s my “housebrew” since I first tried it last summer.


Sounds like a Deschutes Mirror Pond would work for you.

91% Great Western Pale Malt 3L
7.5% Crystal 80L
1.5% Carapils

Cascade 24g 85
Cascade 24g 30
Cascade 24g 5
Cascade 24g 0
Cascade 14g Dry Hop

IBU 36
OG 1.053
FG 1.013
SRM 11
90 Minute Boil
Yeast Wy1968 or WLP002 Ferment at 66F
Adjust to match your efficiency and hop AA%

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