What is "Lawnmower Beer"?

Is lawnmower beer generally your run of the mill, low-cost, “hydrating” beer? I keep hearing the term. What is the background on it? Is American the only country that brews it? I can’t imagine my Dutch friends brewing one.

low alcohol, easy drinkin’, generally light, more of a category than style (2 or 3 styles could be called “lawnmower”). won’t hack off your foot while lawnmowing.

So, by “lawnmower” we are talking about most of the big-name American lagers? Bud, Coors, Miller, etc.? The fake beers?

Don’t forget Stella Artois, Carlsburg, Heineken, Labatts, and many more. :wink:

It probably depends on who you ask. Some folks say Berliner weisse is the ultimate style for lawnmower beer, but I know others for whom it means light beer specifically.

To me it just means anything that’s drinkable and not too strong - the kind of thing you’d enjoy drinking after mowing the lawn.

You’re all wrong. It’s beer flavored with the grass that gets caked on the blades. 2-4 ounces in the secondary does it for me - more than that gives the beer a cloying Zoysia flavor.

Never would have tought any of these were low-quality beers. Figured they were more or less mid-grade drinks.

“Sessionable” beers. Beers that you can drink and drink and drink while mowing the lawn without cutting your hand off.

SWMBO cuts the backyard and every year I ask her what kind of lawnmower beer she would like me to brew for her. Sometimes Cream Ale, Northern English Brown Ale, CAP, etc. She is the luckiest woman on the block. No-one else can say that her husband not only brings her a beer while she cuts the grass, but makes any kind of beer that she wants me to bring her while she cuts the grass!


Never would have tought any of these were low-quality beers. Figured they were more or less mid-grade drinks.[/quote]

Not low quality, just bland. I wouldn’t consider Bud, Miller, or Coors low quality. It’s a consistent product that has appealed to the masses for years.
Fortunately, we have more/better choices now.

Thread winner!!

I say a light, refreshing, lower alcohol beer that you want when it’s hot outside.

Aside from mass market stuff, I would say a Wit, Hefe, cream ale, blonde ale, Kolsch, American Wheat could easily fit the mold.

I always believed it to mean any light colored and lower alcohol beer; lower than 5.2%.

Something that can be gulped during 100F yardwork and not knock you on your butt.

Anything less than 70 IBU’s and 6% ABV works for me. :mrgreen:

These aren’t fake beers. They are mostly flavorless mass produced swill, but they are real beer, just not much to them worth drinking.

I know I will catch hell for this but I really like bud lite lime as a lawnmower beer. :mrgreen: Cheers

The original saisons were definitely 'lawnmower beers". They are currently brewed much stronger than the original farmhouse ales.

Kölsch is another good lawnmower style.

Send over your best IPA recipe.

So, from what I’m seeing, it’s a fairly broad term. But, it seems it’s any beer that is ok to drink after work, exertion, etc.

I take it to mean “thirst-quenching” or “refreshing”. It’s hot outside, you just cut the lawn and you would like a nice big glass of… Barleywine? No. Light Lager, Pilsner in all its forms, kolsch, helles, golden, blonde or cream ale, American wheat, maybe wit. It’s not necessarily meant to be a deragatory term, AFAIK. I think it’s just supposed to mean light, refreshing and thirst-quenching. That could apply to a lot of styles.