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What if you forget to add yeast to bottling bucket?

So yesterday I was bottling up a Shilling 90 I had in secondary for about 3 months. About a 1/3 of the way through I realized I forgot to put in my 7g packet of Cooper’s yeast in the bottling bucket. Hey, I did remember the sugar though :smiley: .
So instead of re-hydrating, I uncapped those bottles and carefully poured some of yeast granules into each bottle, recapped them, and shook them up.
Also, with the remaining yeast I just added to the bottle bucket and gave a little stir.

Will I see any harm in NOT hydrating this? Whenever I ferment with dry yeast I only rehydrate it half of the time so I really don’t see much of an issue.

However, I just wanted to get some confirmation from the masses. :cheers:

Should be fine - you only need 1-2 grams of dry yeast per fermenter, so even though you didn’t re-hydrate you used enough.

thanks. that is what I had figured but thought I’d check. It’s hard to remember how to bottle when you only do it 4-5 times a year! :lol:

at 3 months I have bottled without adding more yeast and carbed fine.
granted this will vary from beer to beer, but you have a lot of yeast still floating around

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