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What if I need a blow off hose when using a fridge?

What happens if you have to open your mini fridge door to hook up a blow off hose? Won’t that mess with the yeast?


Not sure what you are asking here. Do you mean leave the fridge open? Or are you just concerned about removing the airlock and replacing it with a hose?

Sorry - I’m using a mini fridge for fermenting to keep the temp within a certain range. If I have to run a blowoff hose, then I’ll have to keep the fridge door open and that will ruin the temp control. Will that make the yeast stop working?

It will most likely just make your fridge constantly run and it may keep the temp a little higher. What’s the ambient temp outside of the fridge and what do you have your temp controller dialed in to?

It’s 77-78 outside the fridge, and I’m keeping the wort between 67-69. It’s been about 21 hours so far.

As long is its just cracked enough to allow the blowoff hose out I don’t see it being a very drastic temp drop if at all. The fridge will most likely run non-stop the entire time it’s open though which is not great for the fridge. Once the krausen drops though you should be able to go back to a standard airlock which for most yeasts is only in the first 24-48 hours of fermentation.

Great - thanks much Matt - appreciate your expertise.


You could also tape cardboard, insulation, etc. over the opening to create a temporary seal. Leave a peek hole flap if you want to see what is going on in there. Tape down the light switch so the light doesn’t remain on producing heat.

Thanks Flars!


Is there not room for a glass in the fridge too? Fill the glass up with sanitizer, place the end of the blowoff hose in the sanitizer, close the door.

No - the blowoff hose wouldn’t fit - it’s just a mini fridge that I had to cut out most of the front door insulation just to get the big mouth to fit in - that’s a good thought though.



I have a similar fermentation rig. If using a blowoff. I run the hose down the side of the fermenter to a cup filled with starsan. My fridge has a small ledge behind the main area where my bucket goes that fits a cup or jar just fine. I wouldn’t leave the door cracked or partially open. You would certainly and prematurely end the life of your fridge due to it constantly turning on.

Cool - thanks Dave! I’ve been checking it every 20-30 minutes and now I think the foam is starting to reside a bit. Sure got me thinking though - LOL. When I take this batch out of the fridge I’m gonna set up a “blowoff rig” like you described - then I’ll be ready.

All kinds of things to learn I never thought about - love this forum.


You could also drill out a hole in the top of the fridge and keep it plugged with a stopper when not in use. ... opper.html

Pretty sweet setup for a buck!

I’ve drilled a hole in the side and run my hose to a gallon glass jug outside the frig. When not in use I cork it. I have a mini frig. also.

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