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What I want 2.0


Thanks for the detailed reply.

Yes I saw the pneumatic bottle opener on BYO and I thought it was neat. The air ram is pricy though.

The Stir Starter should be cheap, I have some of the parts I need for it already. From junk computers and other electronics. I would only really need a box for it, I’m thinking thin plywood or something like that.

My basement is small and the stairs going down are small too. And my budget is limited. So I have a small dorm fridge that is not being used, I will make something around that. Maybe in my next home I will get a bigger chest freezer or something.

Point taken on the Keg system, I may move it to #3 but I need a good kettle, and I really want a good aeration system.

It really is fun to dream big, but I need to stay realistic or I’ll never complete anything. And it needs to fit the “now”. And my hope is to upgrade or expand/modify things in the future when I can.

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