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What Hops for Imperial Porter?

Looking for suggestions on which hops, and at what schedule, for an imperial porter. It will be in the 1.080 starting gravity range.

The recipe I have suggests Phoenix @ 90 minutes and First Gold @ 30 minutes. Maybe a decent substitute? The target IBU is 20 to 30.

For a Baltic/Imperial hops really don’t matter. You shouldn’t get any hops in the aroma, but you want a firm bitterness. I would suggest Magnum at 60 minutes only to your targeted IBU.

If you want to go a different way, you can do something like Saaz, EKG, Fuggle, or even a German Hallertau, but you will likely need more. Magnum or Warrior is my vote, and only one addition.

Answered this on another forum, and I suggested Magnum for bittering too. My own take on the later addition, is to use a British hop with floral/berry/earthy character. I’d recommend Kent Goldings or Brambling Cross. First Gold fits the bill too. I’d stay away from citrusy hops, I don’t think this blends well with the roast.

I’d go with Willamette because their cheap and earthy, or Target for the high AA%.

Or admiral for bittering.

How does Perle sound for bittering and Fuggles at 30 and 0 for flavor and aroma?

Sounds fine. You just now getting around to this? I thought I was a procrastinator.

I had a few brews in the pipeline before this one :mrgreen:

Talk about planning a beer out. :shock:


I’ve recently seen palisade hops described as being like a stronger version of willamette.
I bought a couple of ounces to use for bittering with my back yard goldings as the finishing hops.

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