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What hop plant to buy

Hey guys, so I have Cascade and Chinook hops growing at home, and was wondering what third type to get. I typically like to brew and drink IPA’s and pale ales, and the chinook and cascade hops make very tasty beers. But, I want to add a third for variety and more complex flavor and aroma, and branch out in styles once I get better with the beers I’m currently brewing. Rather than buying a rhizome, I’ll go to my local nursery who stocks hops unless they don’t have the variety I decide upon.

So, any ideas? Thanks!

Maybe Fuggles? The hops are on the small side but generally are harvested earlier than most others. I use mine for an all fuggles ipa or in any stout, porter, or brown as well.

i have an unidentified “monster” on my garage and a centennial that is still a young lady…my e.k. goldings and chinooks did not make it the first year.

depending on your location and the mayan calendar, i would research any choices you made; look into their climate suggestions, etc.

personally, i want to take a break from “american” hops and might try the e.k. goldings again, maybe some euro hops that fit my recent cravings for belgian or english ales.

You might try Mt. Hood. I think they blend very well with the C-hops.

I’m concidering a Northern Brewer but then again I like the Cali Common, it seems to be one I brew over and over. Still have to do the research on the climate it likes. Fuggles would be another to concider!!! Enjoy

EKG is pretty great all on its own,
And I like it blended with cascade for a late addition.
Lot of beers you could make with just EKG.

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