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What haven't you done yet that you want to?

Ditto on the kegging. Haven’t taken the leap yet, but am realizing how I sort of dread bottling now. Plus I’ve become obsessed with keezer designs and the idea of going to my basement and having beer on tap. Sounds amazing.

Also, I’d like to enter some of my recipes in a competition.

“hybrid” fermentations. I’ve done sour, ale, and lager, every major style. Haven’t yet done a Kolsch or Alt Bier.

Also want to start playing around a lot more with brett. From all brett beers (resulting in low sour character) to a brett-flavor bomb.

Also a flanders red, Rodenbach Grand Cru style.

Oh and wood aging beers to get a nice wine character.

Fuck, so much to do…

write a book

Denny I’m sure many people out here would be willing to read your book. Would this be a beer book? I’m assuming it is but wouldn’t be surprised if it were something else. Anything in the works?

  1. Wood age a beer. Maybe bourbon barrel or something.
  2. Belgian Quad - trying to replicate New Glarus’ with the Brett yeast in the bourbon barrels.
  3. Enter and win a competition. Entered one competition when I first started just to see how I was doing and got positive results.

Denny’s writing a book? Just shut up and take my money!

I’ve brewed 80 batches, but have yet to brew a lager. I’m planning a couple this summer, finally! I also really want to make some sahti.

  1. Sours
  2. Lagers
  3. Enter a competition

I’m getting really close to graduation, I can’t wait to start up seriously brewing again!

Yeah, a beer book. I had an offer a year ago that didn’t pan out. I’m talking to another publisher now, but if it happens it’s a long way off.

Us homebrewers got nuttin but time.

As I’ve found, that’s what you need in the publishing biz!

Love your sig line…I’d forgotten I wrote that!

“Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery.”

Oddly enough, my ‘un-edited’ batch of Waldo will be ready for sampling on Friday :slight_smile:

Move to batch sparging, make my own setup via Denny, and get my numbers dialed in.

Check this video out. Sixpoint did a Stein Bier and found out that granite was not the way to go. It might work out on a homebrew scale though, not too sure. Hope this helps… ... =2&theater

Check this video out. Sixpoint did a Stein Bier and found out that granite was not the way to go. It might work out on a homebrew scale though, not too sure. Hope this helps… ... =2&theater[/quote]

Interesting video, thanks for posting.
The rock they are using is cut awfully thin though. I am looking at 4" diameter stones. I’ve tried a test with a few that size and they seem to not have any issues standing up to the temps produced in a hardwood fire and being submersed into water.
BTW hard to beleive they chose to heat the rocks using gas over a hardwood fire. Seems like you would be loosing alot of the character the wood would contribute.

  1. IRS aged with oak
  2. Try all grain brewing
  3. 120 IPA
    I could list so much more. Since I have only been brewing for a little
    over 2 years there is lots of beer types and styles that I am looking
    forward to doing.

I am getting ready to make mead for the first time. Finally got my wife onboard to participate in some kind of brewing and she doesnt believe in brewing beer for 6-8hrs :?

Bottle my first ever batch of beer!!! lol Which happens to be a NB Mild Ale extract. 4 days till bottle day!!!

Hey - Rock on, man! 8)

I think both of you will really enjoy it.

I’m 4 batches in, and doing AG only… didn’t bother to start extract. My next goals are to perfect my efficiency, hitting 70% minimum and thn trying to improve on each batch. Also trying to hit my gravities on each too.

My second batch was an imperial stout, and even with the epic grain bill, I pulled it off and it’s almost gone - wife’s favorite style! - so i’ll be making another in a month or so, in time for fall. Kegging was obvious once I had bottled my first 5gal batch, and I’m happy that the last 2 kegged came out great.

Middle term goals are to understand all the flavor profiles from my grain bills to better understand why you include each… The same for hops and major yeast strains. I’m thinking of some single hopped pilsners in the not to distant future.

After that, get some of my beers bjcp rated and win a few awards… :slight_smile:

Then I’ve been seriously considering going pro. This is too much fun, and really satisfying to round off a brew day having finished making something - my day job doesn’t always afford me that luxury.

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