What has your 2012 brewing looked like so far?

Here is where I am at.

fyi: all all grain

1: Belgian Dubbel 1/15/12
2: Imperial Breakfast Stout 1/21/12
3: Biere de Garde 2/3/12
4: American Amber 2/4/12
5: American Pale Ale 2/17/12
6: Denny’s Rye IPA 2/26/12
7: Bohemian Pils 3/11/12
8: Amber Lager 3/30/12
9: Nugget Imperial Amber 4/13/12
10: Imperial IPA 4/27/12 5/27/12
11: Strawberry Blonde 5/20/12
12: ESB 5/31/12
13: Extra Pale Ale 6/15/12
14: Session CDA 6/29/12
15: American Wheat 7/20/12
16: Oktoberfest 8/3/12

Next three. American Brown, Pumpkin Ale, Helles

I don’t have all the details, but since April 1st, looks like I will be brewing batch # 18 and 19 tomorrow - My wife brewed all the batches in Jan. - March and all the ones that will be brewed from september- December:)

2012 will be my first full year brewing. I started late last year and feel like I’ve learned mountains already. I brewed about ten extract batches and am working through the kinks in moving to AG. I have made some delicious beer and a whole bunch of “that’s-not-too-bad” beer. And am thankful for lots of good advice.
Here’s to year two and learning lots of new stuff. Word.

No details in front of me but

1 American Amber
2 Face Puncher
3 Kate the Great clone
4 Oktoberfest
5 American Amber 2
6 Dry Irish Stout
7 Irish Draught
8 Caribou Slobber
9 Leftover Grain Brew (4.2% mild)
10 Leftover Grain Brew
11 Face Puncher 2
12 American Amber 3
13 Dawson’s Multi Grain
14 Belgian Golden Strong
15 American Amber 4
16 Furious Pro Series
17 Sierra Madre (with Sierra Nevada hop schedule)
18 Christmas Ale

And with that I am probably done for the year. The best beers SO FAR:Dry Irish Stout was awesome, Face Puncher #1

Still conditioning Kate Clone and Belgian Golden but samples of BGolden are really good.

Irish Red Extract/Specialty Grains
Triple Jump Pilsner All Grain BIAB, Pilsner Lager
Oatmeal Stout Partial Mash
Surly Cynic Partial Mash
Hefeweizen All Grain
I Made Brown All Grain Brown Ale
Honk This All Grain English Bitter on US05 yeast cake
Hefeweizen All Grain
Wheat All Grain on 3333 yeast cake

Sour Imperial Stout
NB Bitter
Merlot Pyment
Dead Ringer (got the AG bundle!)
some kind of Rye & Wheat ale (gonna brew that one again!)
a few APA’s
Belgian Strong w/ Horehound Candy
Dark Lager w/ German lager yeast
I also made my first port wine. aging in an oak barrel at the moment.

if my PC wasn’t down, I could tell you more. our laptop sucks & I hate it. but I did finally take the AG leap after 13 years of brewing this year! gonna work on decoction mashes.

Sounds like a match made in Heaven!

Golden brown and steamy with bits of green.

Sounds like we have some people that really do some brewing.

Really putting some batches in.

1/07 Bitter Bastard - 5.5 Gallons
1/07 Cream Ale - 6 Gallons
1/08 Bitter Bastard 2 - 5.5 Gallons
1/14 Knotty Black & Mild - 6 Gallons
2/18 Two Hearted Clone - 5.5 Gallons
2/26 Belgian Black & Mild - 6 Gallons
3/03 Devil’s Sin Amber IPA - 5 Gallons
3/10 Waldo Lake Amber - 7 Gallons
3/18 Boundry Waters Pale Ale - 6 Gallons
5/02 Brandy Oak Irish Red Ale - 5 Gallons
5/06 Rye IPA - 10.5 Gallons
5/13 Cream Ale - 6 Gallons
5/20 Raspberry Wheat - 6 Gallons
5/22 Dry Dock Pale Ale - 6 Gallons
6/16 Black Metal Imperial Stout - 7.5 Gallons
6/17 Darkness IPA - 10 Gallons
6/28 5¢ IPA (Two Hearted Clone) - 5.5 Gallons
7/22 Agate Lake Amber - 5.5 Gallons
8/04 5 Speed IPA (Racer 5 Clone) - 12 Gallons

Looks like I am at 126.5 gallons for the year, which means I got some more brewing to do this year.

[quote=“gregscsu”]1/07 Bitter Bastard - 5.5 Gallons

6/16 Black Metal Imperial Stout - 7.5 Gallons

Black Metal ist Kreig!

I have only done 2 batches and I have to ask what the heck does one do with all that beer from all those brew sessions?

Drink them, bring them to parties, give some away to friends!

2012 - About average for me so far:

American Dark Lager
American Premium Lager
Rye Lager
Fruit Wheat

I’ll likely brew another 1/2 dozen in the fall.

what doesn’t one do with them? :lol:

I declare the Winner

Sorry to say, I have not done one batch this year. I did get my son set up and going on his system but have really been slacking on the brewing. This really sucks since that means I have not been drinking all that much beer either. What the heck is going on?

Kind of slow this year but I’ve been brewing out of my normal IPA, IPA, IPA trend.

1/1 Broken Resolution - Simcoe IPA
1/9 Last Resort - IPA
2/22 Eleven - Belgian Strong Golden Ale
2/28 Obi Wan Kenobi’s Frisky Porpoise - Imperial stout (the one that tried to kill me)
3/25 Crawfish Pale Ale - APA
4/4 Denny’s BVIP
5/25 Plan B3 - Munich Helles
6/8 Caitlin’s Koelsch - Koelsch

I need to get brewing soon. I’ve got a buddy who wants to sit in on a session but our schedules don’t seem to line up.

8/04 5 Speed IPA (Racer 5 Clone) - 12 Gallons[/quote]

What was your hop schedule for this? Loves me some Racer 5 :slight_smile:

Brewing newbie here, starting with extracts kits from NB.

  1. Car. Slobber -July 2nd- 10 gal. bottled and waiting.
  2. Innkeeper - July 21st - 10 gal. primary week three.
  3. Smashing Pumkin Ale - on Deck !

1/1/2012 IPA
1/29/2012 Brown Ale
2/18/2012 Porter
3/11/2012 Amarillo Pale Ale
3/24/2012 ESB
4/28/2012 Killer Hay Bale Ale
5/17/2012 Am. Blonde
6/9/2012 Witbier
6/30/2012 IPA
7/28/2012 Citra Hoppy Wheat
8/11/2012 Best Bitter

8/31/2012 Am. Pale Ale
9/8/2012 Brown Ale
9/22/2012 Strong-ish Ale
10/6/2012 Porter
10/27/2012 Oatmeal Stout
11/11/2012 White IPA