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What happens with too much water?

So, I brewed a batch of beer last night and it had been 6 months or so since my last batch. I guess I am a little rusty and made some mistakes. The first thing I did was to fill my big mouth bubbler up to the 6 gallon mark as opposed to 5 gallon, which is what I was shooting for. I have used the big mouth around 2-3 times and am not very familiar with it yet. I didn’t count the lines but assumed the one on the top was 5. The second mistake was that I forgot to take OG measurement before I threw in the yeast. I have since checked the gravity and it is lower than I had planned. Luckily, I used 9 lbs. of LME and 2 lbs of grain for a partial mash, so it is still around 1.054.
It has started to ferment, but very slowly.
Has anyone ever made this mistake before and what should I expect as my outcome for this botched batch? My assumption is a weaker, less flavorful, watery beer.
Guess I learned a lesson to not drink beer while brewing or mistakes may ensue.

Lower abv, thinner body/mouthfeel, less hops presence

You will have a lower ABV than a five gallon brew with the extra gallon of wort in the fermentor. Flavor may be less in comparison if you have brewed this same one before. The flavor may be great if you haven’t brewed this one before. Start of fermentation is a function of the number of yeast cells pitched and the temperature of the wort at the time of pitching. Just let it go and keep the fermenting wort at the optimum temperature for the yeast.

OG could be increased by adding a well aerated wort of LME or DME since you have only pitched the yeast last night. A blow off tube may very well be necessary if you add more volume to the fermentor with extra fermentables.

At this point, I don’t think I want to add any more fermentables. Especially since it is closer to the top already. My concern is fermentation. I would expect it to be rolling by now, but it is still going very slow.
I am really disappointed in myself at this point. I had homegrown hops, other good ingredients and high hopes for a great beer. It was going great until I added too much water.
Oh well, live and learn, and pay better attention next time.
Thanks for the input. I will let you guys know how it turns out. Hopefully it will at least be drinkable.

What is the temperature of the fermenting wort? I brewed yesterday. The wort was at 59.4°F when I pitched the yeast. This morning the fermentation had begun but the wort was only at 60.4°. This temp is to low for WY 1056. I added 66° water to the fermentation tray. Four hours later the beer was at 67.1°. Perfect for beginning the fermentation. I expect the fermentation temp will top out at 70° which will be ideal for the yeast.

When I pitched the yeast it was around 73. It is now around 72. I think that is the upper end for BRY-97. I have it fermenting in my basement and cut the AC down to 70 to try to keep it cooler.

Well, this morning there is a decent krausen and it seems to be off and rolling.

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Sometimes, just a little more patients will help too!:slight_smile: Sneezles61

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