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What happened to

Looks like someone forgot to renew their domain registration.

I noticed that a couple weeks back. Found the one at Brewers Friend works well. … alculator/

Yeah gonna have to switch to that. My last few beers I’ve been brewing 1.050ish with dry yeast so I haven’t even had the stir plate out in months.

I like that brewersfriend gives the option to use Kai’s formula like yeastcalc. I’m still not sure why people use Mr Malty. It’s lack of ability to calculate multistep starters without having to retype everything in is frustrating. Of course I’ve only ever needed a multi-step starter once so maybe that’s part of it :slight_smile:

Here’s the same calculator. It doesn’t have the supporting information that yeastcalc had.

Link? This is sort of becoming a “thing” for you isn’t it?

go to

Link? This is sort of becoming a “thing” for you isn’t it?[/quote]Well, his handle is “Old_Dawg”. :oops:

At least I’m consistent!

Thanks for the back-up, mors.

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