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What happened to the stars?

I guess the stars rating system is gone for sales reasons, but I liked having the stars rating system with the reviews on products and ingredient kits. I like to get an idea of what others think. If there are only a few reviews I read them all and decide if it is the product or the person. But with a lot of reviews it is hard to judge unless you read them all and keep track yourself. Ratings help in getting good products. If something consistently gets bad ratings it will not sell. Then maybe it is replaced with a better product.

I liked having the stars too, however I can understand why NB took them away. Some of the products (e.g. blowoff assembly for Better Bottle) were getting bad reviews b/c people didn’t know how to use them. So what is a good product and works appeared as if it should be avoided by a customer.

However the ratings were helpful with the recipe kits and I think you did see convergence in the ratings. Maybe they could add a “Like” or something similar for the recipe kits so customers could gauge how well people like that particular recipe.

According to their Facebook page, the website was basically launched without smoothing out all the edges, and fixing all the errors. They say the Rating system is coming back. Read through the comments on their third post down. Titled: “You may have noticed…we have a new website! Along with an awesome new look we’ve added a ton of useful resources, navigation, and features. Cheers!”

I think the new website was a mistake, the old one looked/functioned quite well.

+1. Not to mention I knew how to navigate it! :oops:

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