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What H/B are you drinking tonight

I will have a glass or 2 of H/M orange & carrot juice wine
washed down with 4 or 5 pints of EDME Lager.

Kolsch most likely. Kegs almost gone and I would like to try my Scottish 80.
That said, it could also be the Gratzer, the Black Lager, the Guiness clone, the IIPA, the other IIPA…

Gonna try to kick my Belgian IPA that’s on tap to make room for my Biere de Garde that’s been sitting in a keg for a few weeks. The empty keg is needed for my Belgian Dubbel which is getting a fig/raisin syrup infusion this weekend. I plan to keg it next weekend along with a Dusseldorf Altbier that’s been lagering for the last 4 weeks. In return, I’ll have some fermentors freed up to brew… well, I’m not sure yet. Thinking an Anchor Steam clone and/or a Rye IPA or maybe I’ll brew a Neapolitan Stout (chocolate/vanilla/strawberry). It’s a recipe I’ve been working on for a while now, but am nervous about brewing. Very experimental.

Drinking an English Bitter. Nice

English Mild…

“Pimp Hand” pale ale.

Just sipped down an Orval-ish cloney thing.
Have to check my notes, think its been bottled for 6 months now.
It’s made it to the tasty stage, hoping it keeps getting drier and bretty-er.
Eh, maybe another 6 months or 2 years it’ll really be something.

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