What Glassware to you Prefer?

I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone uses for glassware, since we’re supposed to be snobby about that as craft beer enthusiasts. :wink: Do you insist on matching your glassware to the style? Do you tend to use mainly one style? Do you even care?

To ensure we are all speaking the same language: http://www.craftbeer.com/pages/beerolog … ight-glass

I keep it fairly simple. Over the years I have collected a lot of branded “nonick,” “Irish imperial pint” and “shaker” glasses. I use any of these as my normal beer glassware. I brew/drink mainly English influenced beers. I use “snifter” glasses when for the occasional imperial stout, barleywine or Belgian.

Pretty much have to agree with what you have KC. Do like my pilsners out of pilsner glass though. Generally though, the old tried and true shaker pint glass.

Red Solo cup.

To be honest my go to glass for everyday beers is a 22oz Boston Lager glass, but I also commonly use a shaker. Snifter for RIS and BW.

A Pilsner glass for light beers and an Irish Pint glass for dark ones. :wink:

I have nice heavy 12 ounce glass mugs for my everyday drinking. I have some tall pilsner glasses for when I really want to admire a brews color and clarity.

My wife just bought a couple sizes of smaller glasses (not sure what style you would call them) to use for “tastings” when I have people over.

Awesome :mrgreen: What beerskies do you like to pound out of that there red solo cup, Dirte’?

I have too many different types of beer glasses. In the order of frequency of use: 1. shaker 2. imperial 3. Newcastle glass 4. mini das boot


Ditto, except I’d add 16oz ball jar when I am too lazy to go 5 feet to my left for one of my “fancy” glasses. :cheers:

Why put a glass between you and the tap? But if I have company over and need to display some sort of manners, I use whatever logo’ed pint glass is at the front of the cabinet.

Same here…

I have a good collection of glasses. Usually I go with what is good for the style, but I also get in a groove with one or two that I stick with for a while.

Lately I have actually been rocking the 1l Oktoberfest from Paulaner. Never thought I’d use one of these much, but it just makes it so I don’t have to make the trip downstairs for a new pint quite as often. And the thick glass keeps it cold for the duration.

20 oz english nonic pub glasses are my favorite lately especially since ive been using more and more 22 oz bottles. I use like the sam adam glassware.

Dug this up that i listened to awhile ago, basic brewing radio on glassware

http://traffic.libsyn.com/basicbrewing/ ... sware2.mp3

1.) shaker pint glass with etch in bottom to release c02.
2.) .5 L german mugs with handle
3.) ball mason jar I even have a few with handles
4.) wifes red wine glasses (with out stems) for belgians because I dont have any tulip glasses.

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I can see the appeal. Don’t have to be at all concerned about color, clarity or glass washing.

Not sure about red, though.

Same here…[/quote]

Same here also, EXCEPT for something like a imperial stout, I’ll drink 3-4 oz portions from a stemless red wine type glass.

Recently I’ve been drinking from the 2012 GABF glass, keeps my beer portions down. It’s 3-4 oz instead of 16 oz.

I’ve got Mason jars, some shaker pints with logos, snifters, and a couple specialty glasses that are a bit like weissbier vases only the widest point is much lower. Depending on the beer I generally prefer one of the latter two.

I’m thinking of getting rid of what shaker pints I don’t need for cocktailcrafting. The cupboard’s getting a bit full, and Mason jars have more uses.

For portion control, I just ordered some 10 oz. nonics, but I like the Willibecher shape, too. Shaker pints are the most plentiful, so they get used the most. Lastly, I always have the sample size glasses from various brewery tours…for those skeptics who are willing to try homebrew for the first time!

[quote=“shredd3r”]Same here also, EXCEPT for something like a imperial stout, I’ll drink 3-4 oz portions from a stemless red wine type glass.[/quote]Just carbed and tapped a 15-month-old Belgian Imperial Stout, somewhere around 13% ABV, and it’s awesome in a pint glass! Drink one at the tap, take a second inside to share with the wife, and I’m done pouring for the night. Unless it’s Saturday…

I keep a good assortment of beer glasses so that you can have the appropriate glass for the style. They are all on top of the kegerator under a covered thing I made to keep them dust free. My go to glass is a 16oz pint glass which I have about 30 with different pub names on them.