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What Enzyme are you using?

Hey Learned People,

Going to try making my first brut ipa in a couple weeks. What do you recommend for enzyme? I plan to pitch with yeast in the fermenter, not in the mash tun.


I’ve made one Brut using the NB kit. The enzymes are 5 ml Alpha Amylase Enzyme (add to mash)
· 5 ml Amyloglucosidase Enzyme and are listed in the directions for the kit here:

I think mine went to .994 if I remember correctly.

I used Glocoamylase added to the fermentor

Brulosophy did this one too… I thought the that finished lower was in the end of the boil… Sneezles61

Just listened to the podcast… thanks man!

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When choosing enzymes, you need to consider the temperature and what kind of beer you are expecting to get. The web show you more details, just scroll down to the Brewing Enzymes chapter and you will learn more: Food and Beverage Applications-Creative Enzymes

Also you will learn more about Enzymes in Food Industry.

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